Media Monitoring

We keep you informed of media coverage about your company, competitors and industry, because knowledge is power—the power to set trends, respond to the competition and drive better coverage that enhances your reputation

Daily Reports: A compilation of news clips from key media outlets, trade publications and social media delivered at a pre-arranged time each business day. In most cases, the format of your report can be customized, to meet branding standards and maintain a cohesive presentation with other reporting.

Weekly Review: Evaluation of the week’s news coverage and media inquiries. This is a fully customized report based on an in-depth consultation with our staff. This report is typically delivered within one business day depending on the final agreed to format. This report can also be created in a monthly, quarterly or yearly format.

Media Analysis
RPM Media Analysis helps you demonstrate that communications objectives are being met. RMP Media Analysis leverages analytical graphs, objective commentary and industry knowledge to compile board ready reports that show:
• Effectiveness in reaching your intended audience with key messages
• Message pick-up by types of media and specific media outlets
• Sentiment analysis showing how key messages were reported and received

These reports can be for a specific PR campaign, a single topic or the news for the week, month, quarter or year. An In-depth consultation with our staff ensures the focus is in line with corporate efforts. Available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF.



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