Twitter Data – Cut out the Middleman & Maximize Profit

TwitterHQA year after Twitter purchased GNIP the company announced on Friday April 10th that it will no longer sell it’s data to third party vendors. This is what I expected to happen when I evaluated the acquisition last year. Apparently I wasn’t wrong since it turns out vendors were made aware of this a year ago according to <re/code>.

Simply put: If you need Twitter data in the future it will need to be purchased directly from Twitter.

This is a shift that has been coming slowly but steadily in the big data space as partners become competitors.

Reseller Reaction

“Nick Halstead, chief executive of DataSift, said Twitter was making a mistake by forcing customers to directly license its data. DataSift preprocesses data from about 20 different social networks and makes it available to about 1,000 customers in a form that is easier and faster to use than direct licenses would entail.

Mr. Halstead said DataSift’s business would not take a big hit from Twitter’s move since it still has an arrangement with other social networks, including an exclusive deal to present aggregated Facebook data about the interests of that network’s 1.3 billion users. But, he continued, Twitter’s decision will hurt his customers, who are ultimately Twitter’s customers, too.”

DataSift customers will have access to Twitter data until mid-August.

How does this impact PR & Marketing?

As with other services in the past like print and broadcast end users in PR and Marketing will be required to purchase the data needed directly from Twitter.

The industry has of late made it easier to subscribe to a media monitoring service and have one point of contact – via that vendor- and have access to the data needed i.e. print clips, online/digital clips, TV, radio and various social channels including Twitter.

This move by Twitter goes against the grain of making it easier for the customer as Mr. Halstead noted and will require you to have a direct relationship with Twitter.  Now we know GNIP managed this with it’s customers in the past so the foundation is there.

What I expect we will see are various packages made available to include pre-processed, raw, specialized or some combination thereof being made available to suite various budgets. We might also see Twitter data sold to vendors for resale again, once the market has adjusted to the new reality of data availability, but that will not be a reality for some time if ever.

Big Data is the currency of the future. Data-driven communications is the game-changer.

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