Finally! A Research Focused Social Analysis Product – Talkwalker

What is talkwalker_logo_lettering ?

Let’s start with what Talkwalker is not:

A Social Media Engagement Tool

A Primary Tool for the Community Manager

What Talkwalker is:

A Social Data Intelligence Platform specializing in listening, analytics and reporting

A Primary Tool for Public Relations, Marketing and Researchers (and savvy Community Managers)

Talkwalker is a social data intelligence company focused on helping the enterprise access social media data with agility.

The gem in this product is the agility with which one can manipulate social data by switching themes, drilling down, sharing, exporting etc.

The available outputs from the product services the needs of key stakeholders in the business.


Is that Positive, Negative or Neutral?

There is an emphasis on sentiment that is driven by the necessity to show this information (notice I did not say metric) which I don’t think is required.

To their credit Talkwaker has it’s own sentiment engine leveraging syntax and NLP (Natural Language Processing) and claims a 60%-70% accuracy. There are those in the industry that may use this against Talkwalker but the fact of the matter is they have full control over their sentiment engine and are being transparent vs. trying to boost their numbers. I’ve seen products with less than 50% accuracy claiming  a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

In the end sentiment isn’t why I would recommend Talkwalker, but the information is there if you need it for your measurement and evaluation programs; and users can change the sentiment on any item on their own. (For more thoughts on sentiment as it relates to public relations and corporate communications read my post here)

Hands on Evaluation

Talkwaker offers a free 14-day trial which is not typical with many products.  You are logged in within moments of finishing the form and have results based on the keyword provided right there for your review.

My search “cloud computing” returned 24.9K results in less than 10 seconds. Nice!

The user interface overall is easy to use and can be adapted to individual customer needs. I personally find the look a bit  cluttered depending on where you are in the application; the data however is presented upfront without having to dig through layers to find what is needed which is a huge plus.

The data points that are helpful are:

Engagement                                           Facebook Shares                                 Twitter Shares

Demographics                                       World Map                                           Theme Clouds

Influencers (based on # of posts)

The data points that are included but have limited value:

Potential Reach                                     Facebook Likes                                    Sentiment

The visualizations are engaging and I really like how much can be done with each chart. Aside from being able to drill-down as one expects to be able to do there is a whole side menu with options to:

Change the Type of Chart (Horizontal, Vertical, Line, Pie or Table)

Export (as an image, PDF, XLS or CSV)

Sharing & Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Image, JSON, XML, CSV)

Post to Newsletter

The trial comes with continued automated follow up:

  • Trial Tips were sent via email which included step-by-step guidance.
  • An Alert was automatically setup during the trail which sends a ‘Report Snapshot’ from my current project.
  • I was notified of upcoming downtime to include all the details on what I can expect.

These were unobtrusive and helpful to point out how to to maximize the trial experience.

Data Visualizations

Two important aspects to the success of any media intelligence tool are:

  1. The Ease-of-Use (Check!)
  2. Data Visualization (Check!)

These are just some of the visualizations in the product that present the data in a manner that is easy to understand and share:

When is the audience posting on TwitterThe chart on the left demonstrates times the @ShakeShack tag used. The hours of the day run along the x-axis the days of the week run along the y-axis. The bigger/darker the circle indicates a greater  amount of activity.

Twitter Audience Analytics past 7 days

The chart on the right demonstrates the Twitter audience analysis over a 7 day period and indicates changes in green and red over the previous period.

Share of Voice on worldmap over 7 days

The map to the left is a powerful tool that provides an expanded view of your brand and your competitors.

Here each breakdown by country can be drilled into by clicking on any segment of the pie.

Additionally users can zoom in and out to see more detail. The map is extremely responsive and it only takes a light touch to zero in on an area of interest.


The Talkwalker Academy offers case studies, white papers, how to’s and user manual & videos which are visible to anyone going to their website.  There are 8 industries and 4 functions showcased which demonstrate what can be done with Talkwalker. I love how much information is made available prior to purchase.

The product is geared toward Market Research and it delivers.

You can find Talkwalker on the web and sign up for a free 14-day trial  so you can see first hand how this service can save you hours of time collating and evaluating your social presence.

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