Traackr – An Introduction

True or False: Influencers came into being as a by-product of social media.

False because we have had influencers in our lives since day one, that’s Mom and Dad. Influencers in the context of today’s communications framework have been around since philosophers were holding court. That evolved into authors which evolved into journalists. Traditional media’s major influencers were and are prominent journalists who provide a full picture of the topic at hand. Their viewpoint (often referred to as sentiment) is held in high regard by their readership and can influence their own viewpoint.

True because we now have a broader range of influencers who are not necessarily in the business of publishing news. Individuals have the means to reach large audiences once only possible through subscription to a traditional media outlet. Social channels enable all users (individuals, journalists and brands) to build their own niche for like-minded people.

If you are asking yourself what makes an influencer see my full post on defining influence.

Traackr is in the business of

building relationships with people

T_Logo_sm1Know Your Influencers * Build Impactful Relationships

The product offering is focused on achieving these two goals in mulitple business functions of the organization such as content marketing, digital public relations, social selling, event marketing, SEO and advertising. This allows professionals in Public Relations, Corporate Communicators and Marketing to identify influencers and help build relationships with them to benefit their brand.

The profiles are extremely detailed as you can see from the screenshot below. This enables users to determine if this influencer fits the campaign or effort at hand.

Enhanced Profile_1

The most powerful aspect of the product though demonstrates the connections of influencers discussing the topics the user is interested in. Take the below example of cloud computing:


The user may have a relationship with someone who is networked with Max Buchler but not a direct relationship with him personally. Using this view and seeing how influencers are connected users can establish a strategic effort to reach out to Max or others in this ecosystem and have a basis on which to found their introduction.

This view also surfaces connections that may not be readily apparent just by looking at who is Tweeting, blogging or Liking specific items. Traackr simplifies the work that would go into making these connections by serving it up as an easy to interpret visual.

Traackr allows users to showcase the value of the relationship over time with their brand. It helps make influencers into advocates for brands by highlighting opportunities. It is a strategic tool that sits at the core of a social media monitoring and engagement program.


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