Media MonkeyBiz – An Introduction

A Google search for “broadcast monitoring” on page 1 returns in order
1. Cision
2. Critical Mention
3. Wikipedia definition of Broadcast Monitoring
4. HP Autonomy
5. TV Eyes
6. CyberAlert
7. Digiclips
8. BBN Broadcast Monitoring System
9. Universal-Info
10 – This is on page 2 – How often do you go to page 2 of the search results?

The truth of the matter is I had never heard of Media MonkeyBiz. The name alone made me curious – and yes there is a well dressed monkey in the logo!PrintWhenever the conversation of broadcast monitoring arose there were a handful of service providers specialized in bringing all 210 markets to the end user that I would review and recommend to customers. The Google search above did not return ShadowTV or relative new comer iQMedia to the front page but they are part of that mix too. To admit I was unaware of this 5 year old was a bit embarrassing.

CEO David Lasker and VP of Digital Content Solutions, Dennis Ward gave me a full overview of the product. The end result of which was that I now have another vendor to recommend to clients when conducting a review for monitoring offerings.

Clients can be setup within 24hrs of signing up and have access to broadcast searches back to 2002 with the Power Search which comes standard with every subscription.

The service also has the option for Web (online news) and Print (available from multiple sources)

But wait! There’s more!

  • News from third party vendors like Factiva can be fed into the platform
  • Broadcast video is in HDTV & SDTV
  • With 50 production offices nationwide nothing is missed
  • Over 100 cable stations and over 2,800 radio stations digitally recorded and available
  • All 210 markets including local news
  • Ad-hoc clips can be purchased back to 2005 and are delivered in a matter of hours
  • Previews are available for 60 days from every market – standard
  • For Downloads: Hi-Resolution is guaranteed for 2 months
  • For Downloads: Previews are guaranteed for 2 months

Media Monkeybiz have an impressive list of customers that most of us have heard of or even tune into on a regular basis. These companies use the high quality clips for research for and redistribution via their shows:


So now you and I both know a little more about Media Monkeybiz. In a future post I’ll discuss their measurement efforts, stay tuned.


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