Moreover – Moving Media Measurement Forward

As of today, Monday October 20th LexisNexis has acquired Moreover Technologies. From the press release which can be found here: “In the near term, new and existing Newsdesk customers will be able to subscribe to LexisNexis licensed content, which can be accessed via Newsdesk. In 2015, additional content from LexisNexis will be directly integrated into LexisNexis Newsdesk, along with additional capabilities. LexisNexis customers will now have an unprecedented suite of current awareness solutions, which includes LexisNexis Publisher and LexisNexis Newsdesk. “

I wrote the post below without knowledge that Moreover was in talks with LexisNexis. After reading through this again – I haven’t changed any part of it because it still holds even after the acquisition.

MoreoverHarvesting media content is the core of Moreover’s business. Why would anyone think of this company as a measurement specialist? The fact is Moreover has a split personality.

One side is as a vendor to major public relations software companies (Cision (Vocus), PRIME Research, Salience Insight, MyMediaInfo etc.)

The other side is as a service provider directly to customers through the NewsDesk platform.

Moreover Technologies Managing Director, Mark Denn is a colorful no-nonsense veteran of the industry who sees trends before they are readily apparent to others. Moreover’s business model focused on providing a service which was in turn re-sold and reused by their customers customer. Why not take out the middle man? That is what Moreover has done essentially with NewsDesk.

PR vendors can purchase Moreover content, PR Agencies can purchase Moreover content and now Direct Customers can purchase Moreover content. I say now but Moreover’s NewsDesk has been available for a few years now.

Providing content (data) is only one piece of the measurement puzzle. Providing insights into that data is the golden ticket.

How is Moreover Moving Media Measurement Forward?

NewsDesk is not a full workflow product for public relations and corporate communications, it is a media monitoring and analysis product that allows PR agencies and customers alike to perform their own adhoc analysis and surface insights.

The industry (especially researchers) has used Boolean logic to find relevant content in their queries. Forming complex queries is time consuming and requires a certain level of expertise. You know your industry best, you know what your strategy is and all it’s nuances, the ability to create a targeted search strategy and all the iterations required to refine it is not practical for the man on the street.

Moreover designed NewsDesk to move clients away from Boolean simplifying the act of discover by indexing all content. From a discovery perspective the ease of use makes NewsDesk very appealing.

News Desk by the Numbers

5 Million posts per day  from over 20 million blogs

55K Online sources creating up to 2 million articles per day

Global Print articles from all markets

As Moreover continues to refine and include new features NewsDesk will evolve into a tool that can be used easily by the average PR professional without significant on-going training and required mastery. The question of PR budgets though may hinder the acceptance of this fledgling offering as it heads out into the open market.

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