PRIME Research – Moving Media Measurement Forward


Begin Simply, Simply Begin – Mark Weiner, CEO PRIME Research Americas

This quote sums up PRIME Research’s overall philosophy and gives us  insight into the firm’s success. I interviewed Mark as part of this series on how vendors are “Moving Measurement Forward” in the communications space.  Mark has been in the measurement industry for over 20 years. He founded Medialink Research, the company that acquired Delahaye in 1999. He was CEO at Delahaye until it was acquired by Observer Group (later re-branded as Cision) in 2006. In 2008 Mark joined PRIME Research as CEO of North America. His pedigree in measurement is impressive. Which is why I wanted to include PRIME in this series. The general idea is to see what different vendors in the space are doing to move measurement forward, and Mark has always been a strong advocate for advancing the public relations industry’s measurement efforts.

How is PRIME Research moving Measurement forward?

When I asked this question I was surprised that Mark did not offer up a “new” approach the company was taking on to achieve market leverage. After all we live in a world where new is the thing to be. His response was multifaceted but it comes down to these two main points:

1. Use Statistical Modeling to correlate traditional and social media outputs with outcomes and business results by integrating surveys and transactional data.

2. Work with Clients to look ahead and establish a predictive model based on their business. There is no one-size fits all. Although one-size can be altered to fit most.

PRIME works with clients on a one-on-one basis to create customized approaches reflecting the client’s priorities and preferences. This flexibility is further enhanced by PRIME’s content agnostic approach of both traditional and social media. With “everyone talking in real-time” PRIME takes into account “how people are going to use the social conversations as a factor in the delivery of their analysis.”

Mark explained that “you must measure for output to understand and better manage for positive outcomes.” In this way PRIME is not throwing mention frequency, share of voice, outlet placement etc. out the window but rather using these fundamental metrics to provide actionable insight for more effective campaigns, more efficient proactive outreach and to mitigate risk during a crisis.

Keep an eye on PRIME, with the recent addition of Richard Bagnall this year as CEO of UK and chair of the AMEC social media measurement group I expect to see more measurement innovation and visibility for PRIME in this space.  If you plan on attending the PRSA 2014 International Conference see Richard at the PRSA/AMEC Measurement Symposium on Sunday from 8 am to Noon.


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