What’s in a Name? Brand Recognition


Brand recognition is a key goal for marketers. Public Relations professionals protect, build and support the brand reputation.

Easy recollection of the brand with positive associations by customers is the perfect marriage of Marketing and Public Relations well executed.

What happens when you have more than one brand in the stable? Many acquisitions see the acquired company brand absorbed into the acquirer. In some cases both brands are listed i.e. Oracle MICROS (a recent acquisition), ExxonMobil (kept two strong brands and includes both logos),  Citigroup (Citibank and Travellers Group – kept elements from both).

GTCR purchased Vocus, owns 97.4% of Cision, acquired Visible Technologies and now has the task of identifying the combined entities in some fashion to their consumer base.

VocusPR VocusOutMarket

Vocus’ Marketing Suite has been spun-off as OutMarket with a new management team and new brand. This was a strategic move which allows the Cision & Vocus products to focus on their core competency – Public Relations. With the addition of Visible Technologies the PR and Marketing products will both benefit.

Initially we saw Vocus/Cision, now we see Cision-Vocus. My two cents: I’m going on record that the Cision brand will win out in the end.

-Peter Granat has stated the headquarters for the combined Cision-Vocus will be in Chicago with operations in Maryland (Vocus’ original headquarters).

-Peter came from Cision and discusses the culture at Cision in his interviews. The Vocus “culture” is out the door with Rick Rudman’s exit in June.

– Cision has been the benchmark Public Relations vendors reference in their sales pitch for years. Vocus has as well, but the pivot to Marketing eroded that some.

– As an organization Cision has marketed the brand across all channels in line with emerging opportunities. Just look at the visual impact of the Cision corporate blog vs. the Vocus corporate blog. One might argue there should only be one combined blog – but I expect that is in the works, just not a high priority right now. Although it would be an impactful way to demonstrate the integration.- just sayin’

-The Cision brand simply seems like it has the staying power this powerhouse of giants needs to be successfully recognized.



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