PRIME Research – An Introduction



Most public relations and corporate communications prospects and clients I speak to don’t know who PRIME Research is let alone have an opinion about the work they perform. However that is not to say they are an unknown, after all I’ve been following PRIME for years ever since I met CEO Mark Wiener at an industry event when I first started my company, RMP Media Analysis.  As an organization they participate and sponsor industry events and speakers regularly. From their own website, in their own words, here is how PRIME pitches their services:

PRIME Research is a global leader in strategic communication research, making a difference at over 500 companies and brands around the globe.

100 project managers and 600 analysts in nine research centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific constantly monitor, analyze and consult on communication trends in more than 35 markets around the globe in 15 business sectors in 64 languages. The company seeks to marry the speed and consistency of technology with accuracy, insights and guidance provided only through human expertise.

Looking at these stats alone it is apparent that the company has a true global reach. Many measurement organizations touting a “global” reach have a few people sprinkled in India or Asia or Europe (England mostly). Not many come to mind that have a true global reach though in the same league as PRIME.

For years PRIME has been “under the radar” largely due to its focus in the German automotive industry where it got its start. In Germany measurement is a high science – PRIME started as an academic institute and that academic experience has molded the company. Their push into the US was prompted by an automotive client seeking to expand its scope of analysis internationally.. From there the company has continued it’s expansion over the years filling the need clients have.

According to Mark clients look to PRIME when “..they are evolving faster than their current provider. This is the primary reason clients reach out to PRIME.”

Beyond Simple Listening

PRIME employs a consultative approach. In this way RMP Media Analysis  is very similar and Mark asked me why I would choose to write up a competitor. We both leverage the automated side of technology to facilitate the human analysis which is a key differentiation in the market when executed properly. The answer is very simple – An educated consumer helps move measurement forward. When a consumer moves beyond simple listening they are ready for measuring and evaluating outcomes. That helps the entire industry.


PS: This is Part One in a Two part post featuring PRIME Research. After speaking at length with Mark Weiner there was just too much good stuff to share in a single post. You can find PRIME here or email them here for more information.


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