Public Relations Media Measurement Is Easy & Straightforward


Not hardly.

On the other hand if you agree with that I want to speak to you. Now.

In Public Relations there are those who understand the benefit of meaningful measurement and those who simply don’t. This is not for lack of ongoing education efforts by the PRSA, IPR, AMEC, tweetchats like #measurepr and #solopr as well as a host of practitioners working one on one with customers.

Those who get measurement are looking for insights. They want to know if an article, blog post or broadcast

a) was impacted by their efforts

b) carried their messages

c) influenced their end customer and to what end. This is not a small task.

d) increased awareness of the brand

e) addressed a crisis situation with or without bias

Those who are trying to obtain meaningful measurement are typically moving away from counts and on to insights. Counts are a way to show potential reach. This does not however answer the “So What?” question that the business side of the organization is seeking. Want to get a seat at the table? Work on providing business insights that are actionable.

Those who don’t get measurement are looking for counts. How many times was my executive mentioned, how many times was my competitor mentioned, how many clips mentioned us this month, how many people saw our coverage? – So What?

I’m out to uncover and discover which vendors are looking to seriously move the measurement needle for Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

My next post will be on Cision’s Digital Reach. Which vendor would you like to see a post about on this topic? Do you feel your company is moving the needle? Let me know and I’ll write it up.


3 Replies to “Public Relations Media Measurement Is Easy & Straightforward”

  1. I have yet to see software do this. So far only agencies doing custom analysis can measure impact on a specific target group. But please share if you know something? 🙂

    1. Jens – currently there is no automated system that handles impact beyond reported impressions/circulation. Agencies and niche firms like ours work along side clients to gauge impact but it is not automated.

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