How was your weekend?

The question most often asked on a Monday to which I am answering “Hmmm, well…” today.

Normally I can list off a bunch of things accomplished or places and people visited, but not this morning. Today my answer starts with “Hmmm.” The reason being I fought a carrot on a cutting board on Thursday night and lost. The result was 4 stitches, lots of pain and some realizations.

Biggest realization is obvious: You need your left pinky to type!

Your left hand is responsible for a lot of important stuff including the letter A, Caps Lock, Shift, ~, ` etc. The left hand as a whole is responsible for 15 letters on a QWERTY (notice all left handed) keyboard; that is more than half  of the alphabet. Try typing stewardesses or desegregated or reverberated – totally left handed words. And look at those a’s! Needless to say I’m compensating and using technology to help me through. (Love spell check and auto-correct!)

General and also Obvious realizations came in some other forms:

1. Good neighbors are a blessing in a difficult situation.

2. Patient family makes a scary situation more than just tolerable… it can be downright funny.

3. Please, thank you and I’m sorry go a very long way to getting through a high stress situation in which you have absolutely zero control.

As I was drifting off in my pain reliever induced sleepy time I realized that we often forget that person or thing that makes our day go so smoothly. You would not believe how many times a day your pinky helps lift something, type something, hold something. Take that to a higher view and remember that every member of your team contributes to your daily success and to setting you up for a great weekend 🙂

Franken Pinky
Franken-Pinky All wrapped up and ready to heal.

Any and all typos are courtesy of little left Franken-Pinky.


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