5 Predictions About Influence Marketing

Gina Gulberti of Augure, recently interviewed me for a post she was working on regarding Influence Marketing, read it here. A fantastic cross-section of marketing experts (talk about being in great company!) were interviewed for the piece which makes for good reading :

Augure’s defined mission is to “provide PR and communication professionals with a software to help them Understand, Identify, Improve and Measure their efforts” and is based in Europe. With 1,500 customers and over 20,000 users  and 96% of their customers renewing their subscription each year Augure is poised to make a big impression here in the US in the near future.

Here is my full interview:

How are new online Influencers (bloggers or Tweeters) changing PR professionals dynamic?

The dynamic between traditional PR practitioners and online influencers has been evolving on an almost equal footing with social media usage. PRs and Marketers recognized that social media is the most effective platform with which to communicate with their publics thereby engaging in a participatory conversation.

The online influencers are a valuable resource for the PR’s  company. They are a primary component of earned media, which is a PRs domain. The dynamic for the PR doesn’t change at all from the journalist dynamic. The journalist is paid to write and while they should be objective, that is not always the case. Online influencers aren’t paid, they don’t have a stake in the company, they aren’t influenced by deadlines or editors. The online influencer should have the same access to PRs. The successful PR will have to take the time to identify key online influencers and cultivate relationships with them.

How can these influencers be of help to their brands?
Influencers can help promote or damage a  PRs and Marketers brand. The fact that they typically do not have a stake in the brand, but perhaps in the industry, the public put more stock in their viewpoint.

Is the Influencer Marketing measurable? How?
The benefits of influencers is measurable just the same way traditional efforts should be measured and evaluated. The ability to link the results of media efforts earned and otherwise to business goals and outcomes. Establishing a strategy that is in line with the company goals makes this an effective way to demonstrate success and areas that may need refinement.



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