Effective Advertising: Olympic McNuggets

McDonald'sThe Sochi Winter Olympics are now over and while Russia is the big winner for putting on a wonderful event and coming away with a total of 33 medals I dare say McDonald’s has won the advertising war. At least for me they have.

If we break down Effective Advertising to its basic goal it is to achieve sales.

I don’t really buy into advertising as a consumer. Sure I watch the Super Bowl for the ads, but I don’t go buy anything, ever. Heck I don’t even remember any of them at this point and that wasn’t even a month ago! Those are supposed to be the best of the best too.

But McDonald’s…well, they  created an ad for Sochi which has achieved that basic advertising goal – I bought McDonald’s. Not once mind you, but over and over during these Olympics. I made a point of finding a way to fit it into my daily caloric intake so I didn’t ruin my weight loss goals each week.  It got to the point were I was fast forwarding through the commercial because I would crave McNuggets for the rest of my waking hours. WHAT is that all about?!?!?

I’ll tell you. Effective Advertising. Period.

You see I love the Olympics. I record them all and watch every bit of it, yes, even curling! The ad presents the classic visual of athletes biting their medals through the years and post “The greatest victories are celebrated with a bite.” McDonald’s doesn’t have any product placement until the commercial is almost over and they they don’t even say any product name until the end. That mention is only to tell you of the special pricing for a 20 piece McNugget “just 5 dollars”. And at the end of the commercial there is my yummy golden McNugget on one side and an athlete on the other biting their gold.

McDonald’s must have had people like me in mind when they created this commercial. The association of the emotional event of the Olympics paired with the yummy McNugget one does not get to indulge in often and made it not just OK to have it, they made me crave it. You see dear reader every time the Olympics were on McNuggets were on the brain and my stomach would sing out until I picked up a 4, 6 or 10 piece!

Well done McDonald’s.

Simple, relatable and memorable.

And my I add Effective.


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