Vacation Recovery

Last week my husband and I took a week to go on “vacation”. The quotes are there because I worked each day for 4 hours. When you own your own business this comes with the territory. We had not gone on vacation for two years. In all fairness, I could have taken the whole week off, but the backlog and putting clients on hold is not my style. One of the cornerstones of my business is to provide prompt, courteous service.

The Monday, Columbus Day, was a company holiday so I did not have to jump right in; I did sneak a couple of hours in though ;). Still it took me three full business days to get “caught up”. This realization, made me sit up as a got behind my computer today. Everyone has an adjustment period after time-off. I figured with the work I did last week I should be good to go. When I was asked if I had a good time last week; “Yes, it was a lot of fun”. Asked if I was able to relax, my answer went something like this “Well, I had to get up each morning to work, so, not really.” This morning however I realize that it was relaxing, just not to the extent that I probably need to fully recharge, but it was relaxing none the less.

Getting out of my daily routine helped added color to my life. The simple act of flying a kite helped me to get out of the multitasking mindset my daily routine requires. Without any concerted effort I re-focused on me. I’ve started three new things I had been meaning to do all year long. Only one was a bit nerve racking, but because I had relaxed, I was able to face it straight on.

Vacation or a rather a break in the daily routine really made a difference in so many areas of my life. So the next time you are wondering if you have time to go on vacation, don’t. Take Nike’s advice and “Just Do It”. The break in routine is necessary and therapeutic. Next time I may not even work and take longer to recover from vacation 🙂


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